The name pomegranate is derived from Latin Pomum (Apple) and Granatus (seeded).
The pomegranate is being cultivated from very ancient time. Its origin can be traced back to 3000BC. Pomegranates are native of India, Afghanistan, and Iran later it migrated to Mediterranean region including Algeria, Turkey, parts of Southeast Asia and tropical South Africa. It is an impressive apple shape fruit with a hard golden red skin and large calyx resembling to a royal crown. Inside, there is dozens of small ruby-coloured seeds. The pomegranate fruit has a citrus flavour and is very juicy.

From the very ancient time, it is related with health and fertility. The rind of the fruit and the bark of the pomegranate tree are used as a traditional remedy against diarrhoea, dysentery and intestinal parasite, the seeds and juice are considered a tonic for the heart and throat. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, pantothenic acid, polyphenol and potassium. Its juice has antiviral and antibacterial effect particularly against the dental plaque. It reduces systolic blood pressure by inhibiting serum angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE).

India is one of the major producers of pomegranates. The major pomegranates producing states in India are Maharashtra, Karnatka and Andhra Pradesh. The pomegranates cultivated at Satna, Pandarpur Sangola belt of Maharashtra is known all over the world for its quality. The pomegranates produced in this region are known for its reddish outer cell, sweet pulp inside, where each grain is healthy and juicy. The main verities cultivated are Ganesh, Phule Arakta, Gradual, & Bhagwa. The average weight of pomegranate grown is 200gms to 400 grams.

The MKC Fruits Pvt Ltd has its farms to grow pomegranates in Pandarpur Sangola in Maharashtra where the best quality of pomegranates in India is cultivated. The soil here is most suitable for Pomegranate cultivation. Presently the MKC Pomegranates are in god demand for its quality as each single pomegranate after maturity is handpicked washed,cleaned,disnfcted before packing and only the best quality are sent outside the MKC farms.

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