Mango accounts for about 50 per cent of all tropical fruits produced worldwide and India accounts for over 54.2 % of the global produce of Mango. About 1000 varieties of the Mango are found in India. However, only around 30 varieties are grown commercially. The main varieties of Mangos grown in India are Alphonso, Langra, Dashehari, Chausa, Banganapalli, Kesar, Neelam, Bombay Green, Rajpuri, Totapuri, Sulalekhas, Himsagar, Fazali, Kishanbhog, Baneshan and Safeda.

A ripe Mango is sweet with its unique taste and flavor which varies from variety to variety. Mango is rich in essential vitamins, antioxidants, dietary fibers, Beta-carotene, rare minerals and other provitamins. It is also believed that the regular consumption of Mango keeps the prosterate and skin cancer away by working as an effective inhibitor and prohibiting the cholesterol build up.

Alphonso, Banganapalli, and Kesar are most popular varieties cultivated in south India whereas Langra, Chousha and Dussehari varieties are the best varieties as far as taste, aroma and flavor are concerned and are very popular in north India and is highly consumed all over India and little is left for exports. However, Alphonso mango is also known for its taste and is the main variety, which is being exported mainly due the proximity of its growing states Maharashtra and Gujarat to the Mumbai port. It is an early variety and is available during February, March and April.

Langra Mango is known for its taste, which is sweet and at the same time a bit stringent and tangy which is very unique only to Langra variety of mango.
Langra is mainly grown in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal states of India. It is well known for its fiber, typical flavor and nutritional value. Its general size is medium to large (5-12 cm). Its stone (seed) is very small, flattened and oval. The overall fruit quality is so good that people of Eastern India believe it to beat Alphonso. However this fruit is not found in abundance, hence it is not marketed much internationally.

MKC is having its orchards for the cultivation of Langra and Dussehri varieties of mango at Lucknow Meerut and Saharanpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, where it has its corporate office. For Chausa, it has tie up with growers who sale their entire produce to MKC. Hence, there is no supply constrains and overhead cost escalation. The mango marketed by MKC is thoroughly cleaned and scientifically packed to keep it hygienic and increase the self life for exports.

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