Grape grows in the cluster of 6-300 and is found in different colours and variety such as crimson, black, dark, blue, yellow, green and pink. It is estimated that 71 per cent of world grape production is used to make wine; 27per cent is consumed as fresh fruit and 2 per cent as dried fruit.
Grape contains around 50 per cent natural fructose and glucose and is also a very rich source of iron, protein, calcium, carbohydrate and phosphorus.
Grape also has certain medicinal properties and is believed to be good for prevention and cure of cough and helps in the efficient functioning of the stomach by improving blood circulation and digestion.

India is one of the major grape producing country and it is harvested all around the year.The per acre production of Grapes in India is very high particularly in its Hyderabad region India produces about 1 million tonnes of Grapes annually. Major Grape producing areas in India are northern Uttar Pradesh, Kashmir, Maharashtra particularly Nasik and Pune besides Coorg, Aurangabad and Hyderabad.

The main varieties of Grape which is cultivated in India are Anab-e-shahi, Bangalore Blue, Bhokari (white seedless), Gulabi, Periette (white seedless), Thompson seedless, Sharad seedless (black). However the main demand and produce are confined to Anab-e- Shahi, Thompson seedless and its clones and flame seedless (red seedless).

According to one estimate about 120000 tones of Thompson seedless and its mutants namely Taas-a Ganesh, Sonaka and Manik-a-chaman are utilized for the production of raisins, about 20000 tons of Bangalore blue are crushed for making juice and about 10000 tons of Bangalore blue, Cabernet, Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc, chardonnay, Meriot, Pinot Noir and Uni Blanc are crushed for processing into wine.

Indian, Grapes are known for quality and taste, this has led to the companies of the major wine producing countries like France and Spain to procure the Grapes from India. These companies bring the sapling from their countries and cultivate in select areas of Maharashtra and Bangalore.

From MKC farms the produce is brought to MKC cold storage in refrigerated vans for further storage and transportation to the market and ports again in the refrigerated trucks with a view that the quality is not affected till it reaches to the final destination.

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