Banana is basically grown in tropical region where average temperature is around 270C and rain fall is 78-98 inches. Banana requires moist soil with good drainage. It is believed that there are about 1000 verities of banana in the world which are divided into 50 groups.
Around 98% of the banana cultivation takes place in developing countries. Among the developing countries there are 6 countries including India that account for more than 60% of the global banana production.

India is a major banana producing country. The main banana producing states in India are Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Assam. The majority of banana produced in India is green banana or culinary banana/ dessert banana which are soft sweet and seedless fruit.
Exportable bananas are picked green and usually ripened in ripening room at the import destinations, this way the shelf life of banana is increased.

The bananas ripe naturally on the plants, have a greenish-yellow appearance which changes brownish yellow when it ripe further. Though the taste, flavor and texture of tree ripened Banana are far superior than the green picked fruits but their shelf life is hardly 8-10 days which makes commercial distribution and export impractical.
Banana is harvested green and hard before they mature. They are manually plucked from the plant, washed, go through quality control and packed in card board boxes.

MKC is having its farm for banana cultivation in the state of Maharashtra particularly to Jalgaon where the best quality of bananas in India is harvested. After the banana is matured they are hand plucked, washed, graded and go through quality control process and packed in card board boxes.
Presently India is mainly exporting to the Bangladesh and Gulf countries in view of the fact that to protect the exports from African, Caribbean and pacific group of countries ,EU has provided preferential tariff treatment to these countries for import of bananas whereas Indian exports are subject to higher duty against its competitors from these countries. However India's export to Europe is likely to increase after the preferential duty structure on banana is phased out by 2012.

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