Apple originated from Central Asia and migrated to all over to world. About 7500 varieties of apples are found in the world, they come in all shades of reds, greens.and yellow. Apples can be broadly grouped into 3 categories i.e. cider, cooking and dessert. The varieties produced in the summer cannot be stored for a long period where the one which produced in autumn can be stored for a very long period.

Apples can be eaten, cooked, baked, or be converted into drinks and are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, trace elements fiber and carbohydrates, etc. A good apple is smooth in texture and free from any bruises or cuts. The firmness of the Apple is the proof of its sweetness, Apples are stored in a cool and dry place, wrapped in a poly bag. Modern Apples are generally sweeter than older cultivars. American and European prefer sweet, sub acid apple, however sweet Apple without any acid flavor is popular in Asia, particularly in India.

The estimated global production of apples is over 60 million tons and valued over us $10 billion. The major global importers of Apples are Russia, Germany, UK and the Nether land.
In India Apple is mainly grown in the hills of Himachal Pradesh and in the State of Jammu and Kashmir over the height of 6000 fits to 10000 fits. The apple produced in India is very sweet, soft but crisp, devoid of any acid flavor but is quite tasty and has unique flavor of its own, it has colorful skin, long storage ability, high yields, and disease resistance quality.

MKC Fruits India Pvt ltd is having its apples plantation in Himachal Pradesh particularly in Narkanda and Kinnaur districts where the best quality of apples is grown in India, some of which can be grown only in the hilly region of Kinnaur due to the specific nature of soil, climate, height and moisture.

The ripe Apples are plucked manually at MKC orchards, disinfected, washed, graded and quality inspection are done before packing. The packed Apple crates are put up on refrigerated trucks and sent to the markets or port for further transportation.

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