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The MKC was floated by late Haji Mohd. Kaliyar Qureshi 43 years ago,in1966, to market fresh fruits such as Apples, Bananas, Mangoes, Oranges, Sweet limes, Grapes and Pomegranates with a view that the final consumer gets the farm fresh fruits at a competitive price. Soon the founder of the company realized that the quality price and freshness cannot be maintained unless MKC itself does not cultivates and grow the fruits.Hence, MKC started investing in farm lands and acquiring the gardens and orchards allover India.

At present, it has farms for Apple at the foothills of Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh, where the company is cultivating and growing the different delicious varieties of Apples, some of which can only be grown in the hilly region of kinnaur due to specific nature of soil, climate, height and moisture.
For oranges, Maharashtra is the main belt in India where best oranges are grown. The oranges cultivated in and around Nagpur in Maharashtra particularly Warud is known world over for its flavor, taste and juice. The MKC is growing and cultivating the different varieties of oranges in its farmlands and orchards spread in and around Nagpur, particularly at warud where the best oranges are found. MKC has mango orchards in Uttar Prades h, o in Pandarpur and Sangola, where the best quality of pomegranates in India are cultivated. The soil here is most suitable for pomegranates cultivation.

MKC has also started cultivating the specially grown organic variety of fruits where no chemicals or pesticide is used, even the water used in the organic farms and orchards are untreated. Its organic produce has become so popular and trustworthy that’s its entire crop of Grapes, Apples and Oranges has been booked for the next 2 years in advance.
MKC, due to its experience and exposure in procuring and carrying its fruits directly to main centers of India and export center at Calcutta and ever growing demand for its products, the Management decided to float a company solely for exports. Accordingly, the MKC AGRO FRESH LIMITED came into the existence and presently exporting its fruits to the neighbouring countries particularly to Bangladesh.
Recently, the management of MKC Agro Fresh Limited. under the chairmanship of HAJI SAJJAD has decided to enter into the Middle East market as it’s a quality conscious market where only the best quality of fruits, whether it is organic or non-organic can enter.

The MKC is in a position to cater to the demand of the importers of any quantity, as it does not have supply constraints unlike other exporters it does not buy from the local market and exports but contrary to that it supplies the produce directly from its farm and orchards.

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A Company since 1966 with human values, uncompromising on quality and its fruits as fresh, nourishing and tasty as directly plucked from tree.MKC produces various fruits in its own farm and orchards and also procures from captive growers who cultivates under MKC quality supervisors to have assured quality. So the consumer gets the best..


Apple originated from Central Asia and migrated to all over to world.
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Banana is basically grown in tropical region where average temperature
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Banana is basically grown in tropical region where average temperature
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A Company since 1966 with human values, uncompromising on quality
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